The Journal

Gain the value deserved from your riding lessons

 Whether you are seeing a horse for the first time, or have been around them your whole life, we all deserve (and want) to be getting the most value from our time with horses.

When you invest in lessons, be sure to gain the most value from this time by using Horsewrite to keep things on target. 

  • Set goals and plans
  • Keep lesson information on hand
  • Profiles for individual horse needs
  • Daily focus and reflection
  • Progress Tracking
  • Arena Diagrams 








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Horsewrite is a central place for all of your important lesson notes, horse information, daily tasks, goals, and progress tracking!

Quick FAQ

How much does it cost?

Horsewrite is for purchase at $45.00 (plus tax and shipping)

How can I order?

Sign up via our Order Here buttons and our team will be in touch with further details. We are just starting our operations, and we need a bit more time to get all of our shipping and ordering details in place. We ensure to communicate with you on the steps and provide a secure ordering process! Just reach out if you have any questions.

I am a trainer, can I order journals for all of my students?

Of course! As a trainer or barn owner, get in touch if you have any recommendations or maybe something that would help your students. Horsewrite is open to making personalizations if needed.

I don't have my own horse, will this be valuable to me?

Absolutely. The point of Horsewrite is to help anyone who is taking lessons. If you have never seen a horse, or are returning to riding after some time off, the journal will work for you. It will work for anyone, in any situation, who is spending time with horses.

Does it matter what discipline or type of lessons I am taking?

Nope. This journal is focused on helping guide your path. Meaning, you can personalize your plan and use Horsewrite as a resource and a guide. No matter what discipline or type of horses you are around you can use the journal.


There is a lot to learn with horses, and with that there is a lot to remember. It can feel overwhelming at times, and it can feel like you are getting nowhere.

Created by an avid lesson taker who needed a better approach to retain all this information. It was hard to remember specifics for different horses…who uses this bridle, where is this horse sensitive, and what do I need to focus on? If you want to progress, what we do everyday is critical to create the big picture we want! The journal came into existence to focus on the everyday to create the big picture. 

This journal will provide a place to add value from your lessons and track progress. Let the days of no planning or not remembering what was said be gone. 

Write and ride on!

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