The Daily Leg Up

Leg Up is a daily writing challenge. You can do it by yourself or with your friends plus the Horsewrite community to keep yourself accountable. It requires only a pen and paper.

leg up:

an act of helping someone to mount a horse or high object 

an act of helping someone or something to improve their situation

Every day a new word will be shared, you can use it to spark your creativity. Offering a leg up on writing and intention. 

It is simple from here. Subscribe below, and use the word to start writing in your journal, create an instagram post, a love letter to your horse, or use it however you wish; just write. It could be one sentence or a novel, the great part is that is up to you!

A Leg Up will help you form a new routine, and keep you writing everyday. It will become easier and more fun each day. It's recommended you set an intention to write for 30 days, and then go from there to continually improve.

Starting February 1st, every day a new word will be delivered to you.

The daily Leg Up is simple, and to the point. We promise not to spam you or have messy emails.

The Daily Leg Up Journal

To jump start your daily routine, I created a 30 day journal. It will assist and ensure you complete 30 days of writing, there is a space for the word of the day plus bonus journal prompts. Daily words will come everyday, so you can purchase the journal at any stage you would like to begin. Available on Amazon.


Is this a course or subscription?

No. It is entirely free and requires no subscription in X amount of days or months. It only requires your email sign up so you receive the daily leg up word.

How do you make money then?

Leg Up is a challenge that I started for myself to help encourage daily writing, and I want to share freely with the equestrian community so we can support each other collectively. I make zero dollars and thankfully have other ways to support my horse activitie$ :)

Do I need to open an account?

No, we only ask for your email in the above form so you can participate in receiving the leg up daily word.

How do I get started?

Use the form above to get started! February 1 will be the first leg up word delivered to your email. Take a pen and paper from there and start writing.

What if I miss a day?

Dang, but don't fret. Just keep going the next day.

Why should I write everyday?

It can be exhausting just considering writing everyday. We live in an instantaneous world of information, taking the time to actually write down your thoughts is extremely impactful. Start, and find out what benefits you receive from writing everyday. The Leg Up challenge offers a fun and non-intrusive way to get started. On our social media @horsewrite we will share tips and our own writing as well!

How can I spread the word

If you want to invite your friends, share this web page with them. If you want to share your Leg Up's on social media you can use #horsewrite and/or #dailylegup throughout social media so we can celebrate your words!

Where do I start writing?

I did create a 30 Day Leg Up Journal to assist in this challenge, and you can track yourself through it. Why 30 days? It is a manageable timeframe and at the end you will have a fully completed journal. Huge accomplishment! You can purchase the journal in the below link!

thank you, I am looking forward to leg up!



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