the journal for riding lessons

A riding lesson journal giving you space to 1. ask new questions 2. remember key points, and 3. track your progress


Horsewrite is growing into a community, it is more than a journal in my eyes. I want to offer a space for all equestrians who are riding, returning to riding, appreciating the horse from afar, and all others with horses in their eyes. I connect with trainers across the globe and offer their tips and advice, share inspirational and helpful horse quotes, and aim to support our horses and the forever-student through this platform.

– Anna Morton































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I need reminders before my ride to keep my shoulders back, elbows in place and heels down. I realized that by the time I get to the barn, I’m decompressing from my work day and not 100% focused like I want to be. I definitely want to make the most of my time with my trainer and feel bad that she is reminding me all the time about my shoulders and elbows. I never thought of journaling to help get my mind where it needs to be before a ride, it is really helping!


Taking lessons twice a week

Horsewrite is an easy to use journal that’s aim is simple: to help you make the most of your lessons. Maximize your potential of learning through journaling. The journal includes intentional prompts to help focus before a lesson, a space to reflect on what you learned after a lesson, weekly pages to track your days, horse profiles, barn information, grid paper and arena diagrams. Can be used for all disciplines and levels.

Engage in a high-achieving routine, enjoy your horse time, and learn more in your lessons! 


Horsewrite is currently available on Amazon, and we plan to create new versions soon.