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Journaling, reading articles, and watching videos can take our riding to the next level


Compliment your riding plans by purchasing the Horsewrite Journal and downloading our free pdf resources

Associations, Organizations, Federations


The International Federation for Equestrian Sports (French: Fédération Équestre InternationaleFEI) is the international governing body of equestrian sports. You can find resources through articles and videos which are pretty interesting!


The United States Equestrian Federation is the national governing body for most equestrian sports in the United States. Benefits include free access to: new Learning Center video lessons, USEF Network, US Equestrian Magazine, MemberPerk discounts and much more.


The Equestrian Podcast

Hosted by Bethany Lee, this podcast gets up close and personal with some of the top of the industry to talk about parts of the equestrian world that aren’t often talked about.

She is also the creator of My Equestrian Style

Videos and Subscriptions

Equestrian Masterclass by NOËLLE FLOYD


This is a treasure of a site giving access to expert knoweldge. The mission is to help empower equestrians by helping them learn from the best trainers and teachers with Equestrian Masterclass. This is a subscription program and well worth it! You also get access to a private group where you have a supportive community to help as you work through the masterclasses. 

Dressage Today On Demand

Learn from top experts in the sport with Dressage Today’s complete video-on-demand training resource. Whether you’re looking to better your basics or you’re polishing Grand Prix movements, Dressage Today’s 1,700-plus training videos can help you reach those goals. In addition, Dressage Today OnDemand subscribers have exclusive access to a decade’s worth of digital editions of Dressage Today magazine.

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