Horsewrite Journals!

1) The Journal for Riding Lessons

2) & the newest addition to the family, a fun gift for any horse lover – Journal Prompts for the Everyday Horse Lover! Reflect, have fun, and be creative.

The original journal

Meant for those in riding lessons

Track progress, remember key take-aways, set focus in your lessons

A fun journal for anyone who enjoys horses! Riding or not riding.

Journal Prompts that can inspire your passion for horses

A great gift for any horse enthusiast


A great gift for the equestrian who takes lessons, and a great addition to your riding program. Can be used for all levels and all disciplines!

Horsewrite Riding Lesson journal helps track your rides and shows your progress in riding lessons.

Continue to focus on your riding while off the horse and soak up those take-aways from your trainer. Remember key points from your lessons, what you did, and what you want to do next ride. This is a easy-to-use journal to help you track your progress and build your own riding resource.

Horsewrite is a fit-to-your schedule journal to help gain the most from your riding lessons

Undated, fit-to-your schedule journal. Included in the journal:

  • Horse Profiles to remember different lesson horses and details for each of them including grooming, tack, and care
  • Ride reflection on what went well, why did it go well, and what you’d like to continue to improve
  • Pop back into your last lesson notes and know what to set focus on for your next ride
  • Goal setting and mapping to underst what you can start doing today to reach your horse goals
  • Arena Measurements and grid diagrams to reference and to take notes on new patterns

A great way to track all of your progress!