What are you riding for?



Start writing your why

We ride to feel how we are supposed to feel. To be ourselves. To keep learning and growing with our partner, the horse. These moments with our horses are priceless and we keep going back for more every day. The Horsewrite journal is a way to track your ride, putting feelings and lessons on paper so you never forget these moments

Create Your Riding Resource

As you write about what you learn and the details of your riding lessons, you will build an entire book on what works for you as time goes on. Take charge and remember all that you learn so you are able to later apply this with different horses. 

Always Know What to Do

As you start to track what you want to improve, you will keep yourself accountable. By having a written focus, your rides will have a plan with what exercises to practice and what mindset to have. As you end each ride, write about what you could work on next ride. As you go into your next ride, you will know what you want to work on. 

Celebrate Progress

One of the most important (and fun) activities is to track your wins! We tend to only think of what we could do better, through journaling and focusing on what went well you will see the positives from your ride. As time goes on, you can see the leaps your riding has taken and all that you have learned right within your journal.

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