maximize the value

of your riding lessons

...through journaling

Horsewrite is a tool to  maximize your experience, time, and memory during your riding lessons.

Engage in a high-achieving routine, follow your potential, enjoy your horse time, and learn more in your lessons.


Individual horse details

Horse care

Tacking up routines

Learn New Skills

Remember past lessons

Learn new concepts

Work closer with your trainer

Reach your potential

Track progress

Plan a path to your goals

Ask new questions

I need reminders before my ride to keep my shoulders back, elbows in place and heels down. I realized that by the time I get to the barn, I’m decompressing from my work day and not 100% focused like I want to be. I definitely want to make the most of my time with my trainer and feel bad that she is reminding me all the time about my shoulders and elbows. I never thought of journaling to help get my mind where it needs to be before a ride, it is really helping!


Taking lessons twice a week

“A Routine to Help Riders See Progress”

Article in 'Your Dressage', by United States Dressage Foundation

Enter your lessons prepared.

leave remembering what you learned.

Ask new questions.

Horsewrite is an easy to use journal that’s aim is simple: to help you make the most of your lessons. Maximize your potential of learning through journaling. 

The journal includes intentional prompts to help focus before a lesson, a space to reflect on what you learned after a lesson, weekly pages to track your days, horse profiles, barn information, grid paper and arena diagrams. Can be used for all disciplines and levels.

Horsewrite is currently available on Amazon, and we plan to create new versions soon.

Focus on what matters and do it more effectively

When you go to your lesson you might feel that things have gotten mechanical or that you are working on the same concepts for months. Going through the movements of grooming, tacking up, and having a riding lesson is not enough to ensure we are progressing in our riding. It’s easy to fall into routines and be comfortable, and we often get frustrated and confused why we are not improving. Horsewrite’s aim is to help you learn more in your lessons and maximize your time.

Free Riding Routine Workbook and Checklists

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Horsewrite is created by Anna Morton. You can email her directly at