Welcome to Horsewrite. We are brought together by horses, and united through our desire to thrive within the equestrian community. Our mission is to support the discovery of each equestrians potential through providing actionable resources.

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A message from Anna

My name is Anna Morton and I am the face behind and creator of Horsewrite. I am a well-rounded equestrian from Northeast Ohio, currently living in Germany.

I was attracted to horses from a young age and was introduced, advised, and encouraged by my grandmother to be a true horsewoman. My childhood was filled with bareback rides around our farm, trail and endurance riding, dressage lessons, and jumping lessons. As time went on, my love for horses maintained. I took a brief break from riding for school and to start my career in technical sales. I was fortunate to still own horses with my grandmother, but felt uninspired and lost in what to do with my riding.

“To master a living creature, one must first and foremost master oneself”

Alois Podhajsky

I wanted to change this, and realized I needed a new challenge with my riding mentally. I sought out a dressage trainer, Julie Taylor (USDF Silver and Bronze medalist), and started taking dressage lessons more intensely. I quickly realized that my lifetime experience of horses to date, was only a small percentage of knowledge compared to what is yet to be learned. I was inspired and hungry to get the most of my lessons and what I could learn.

I started a routine of note taking before and after my lessons. This routine helped me see progress, remember key points, and helped my motivation. I wanted to share it with others and so Horsewrite was created.

Horsewrite has grown into a community and brand, it is more than a journal in my eyes. I want to offer a space for all equestrians who are riding, returning to riding, appreciating the horse from afar, and all others with horses in their eyes. I connect with trainers across the globe and offer their tips and advice on my platform, I share inspirational and helpful horse quotes, and aim to support my network of equestrians.

My goal with Horsewrite is to offer global resources for those wanting to enter or re-enter the horse community, and to provide support to those hungry to continue their education and celebrate their journey with horses.

“Horsemanship is the art of mastering our own movements, thoughts, emotions, and behavior. Not the horses.”

Mark Rashid